Our Lady Of Alice Bhatti (পেপারব্যাক)
Our Lady Of Alice Bhatti (পেপারব্যাক)
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Alice Bhatti works as a nurse with a government hospital called Sacred Heart Hospital for All Ailments located in Karachi. After exiting the Borstal Jail, she returns to her father. a retired chief janitor, in the French Colony. With guidance from her father, her prison experience, and a working nurse’s manual, Alice prepares to work. While she is desperate to work, the patients of the hospital are waiting for a miracle in their lives.
During her job, she comes across a lovesick patient Teddy Butt, a policeman and an ex-bodybuilder. Teddy, with his abrupt violence, and Alice, with her careful optimism, fall unexpectedly in love with each other. But, this novel is much more than a love story. It talks about the heartbreaking plight of Pakistan’s religious minorities and Alice happens to be one of them. She is a Catholic and the novel portrays how bad life can be when living in Pakistan.
The Pakistani Muslims have their own set of prejudices against the minorities and Alice has to face its consequences. She is snubbed by other Catholics, ostracized for being a woman, and is trapped in the caste system. However, she is not an ordinary nurse, and has the courage to break the stereotypes and learns to live gracefully in the face of intolerance. She realizes that the foundations of her new life are unstable. Will the two lovebirds survive and live a peaceful life? 

Title : Our Lady Of Alice Bhatti
Author : মোহাম্মদ হানিফ
Publisher : র‍্যান্ডম হাউস পাবলিশার্স ইন্ডিয়া প্রাইভেট লিমিটেড
ISBN : 9788184001730
Edition : 2012
Number of Pages : 339
Country : Bangladesh
Language : Bengali

মোহাম্মদ হানিফ (জন্ম: নভেম্বর ১৯৬৪ ওকারা, পাকিস্তান) হলেন একজন ব্রিটিশ পাকিস্তানি লেখক এবং সাংবাদিক যিনি নিউ ইয়র্ক টাইমস-এ একটি মাসিক মতামত রচনা করেন।

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