Midnights Children (পেপারব্যাক)
Midnights Children (পেপারব্যাক)
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'Midnight’s Children’ by the renowned author Sulman Rushdie is an epic novel that opens up with a child being born at midnight on 15th August, 1947, just at a time when India is achieving Independence from centuries of foreign British colonial rule.

Winner of Booker Prize, this book has been added in the list of Great Book of the 20th century and narrates the story of Saleem Siana and the times he lives with the newborn nation.

Divided in three parts, the novel begins with the story of Siani’s family and the various events that lead to India’s independence and eventually to partition. Born precisely at the midnight, Saleem was born with telepathic powers and later discovers that all the kids born in India between 12 A.M. and 1 A.M. are impregnated with the special power.

Using his telepathic powers, he assembles a conference with all kids to reflect upon the issues like culture, linguistic, religion and political differences to shape the nation. Highlighting the relation between father and son and a nation yet in its nascent stage, it is an enchanting family adventure with lots of human drama and shocking summoning.

The novel has also been adapted as a stage show by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the year 2003.

Title : Midnights Children
Author : সালমান রুশদি
Publisher : ভিনটেজ বুকস
ISBN : 9780099582076
Edition : 2013
Number of Pages : 647
Country : India
Language : Bengali

স্যার আহমেদ সালমান রুশদি (জন্ম: ১৯ জুন, ১৯৪৭ মুম্বাই, ভারত) একজন ভারতীয় বংশোদ্ভূত ব্রিটিশ-আমেরিকান ঔপন্যাসিক এবং প্রাবন্ধিক। ঐতিহাসিক কথাসাহিত্যের সাথে জাদুবাস্তবতাকে একত্রিত করে তার কাজটি প্রাথমিকভাবে অনেকগুলি সংযোগের সাথে সম্পর্কিত।

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