Rustom Palowan-1 (English) (পেপারব্যাক)
Rustom Palowan-1 (English) (পেপারব্যাক)
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Rustom the Misfit, is a goofy adolescent boy who lives in the beautiful village of Shonapur. The people of Shonapur take pride in their farming except Rustom. He bumbles and fumbles, makes a mess whenever he tries to do farm work. Despite his awkward ways, Rustom with the heart of gold, has a secret. A dream that burns bright within him- to become a strongman Palwan, and travel the world and the seven seas. Alas! As the grandson of the leader, in a village that doesn’t tolerate fighting, and has no room for anyone who breaks the creed, Rustom feels very out of place. The call of adventure beckons him, and he sets out on a journey to discover the unknown. But before Rustom can chase his dreams, there are questions and answers that are to be disclosed. How did this farmer’s boy become a strongman? What are the creeds of Shonapur village? Why do the villagers dislike strongmen? Join Rustom on his quest to seek the secrets of his destiny. The first pter of his tale, “Rustom Palwan The Origin Story” is the beginning of an e adventure that will take you on a journey of fairytale discovery and wonder.

Title : Rustom Palowan-1 (English)
Author : সৈয়দ রাশাদ ইমাম তন্ময়
Publisher : কার্টুন পিপল
ISBN : 9789849684312
Edition : 1st Published, 2023
Number of Pages : 50
Country : Bangladesh
Language : English

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